Our products and service include many features and details which are not easily noticed when you browse our offer for the first time. Many customers focus on the price or the completion time, yet forget that it is the details which are responsible for the durability of the product.

The following features are the standard of production for any furniture or service in our offer:

  • All our pieces consist of high-quality furniture boards of sufficient thickness that guarantee durability and stability of the hardware fittings
  • ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) edge bandings are performed with the polyurethane technology which substantially increases their moist and steam resistance. We do not use paper laminate.
  • CNC drilling machines guarantee precision of assembly and durability.
  • We use stable plastic legs which are covered by a removable masking board for easy access during cleaning.
  • We use durable furniture mounts.
  • The certified lightning ensures safety of use and durability.
  • We use hardware fittings produced by the Austrian producer BLUM which provides lifetime guarantee.

Kitchen style

We offer kitchens in various styles:

Modern Classical

Kitchen tops

  • laminated tops
    We offer excellent products of the Austrian producer, EGGER, that use the latest trends in patters and shapes. They also feature reinforced soft – the front edge of the top. They are also impregnated 10 cm deep from the bottom, which ensures additional protection from moist. It is also possible to purchase wall coverings produced with the same pattern as the top.
  • granite tops
    Granite is a natural rock of unparalleled durability that forms by crystallization of slowly cooling magma below the surface of the Earth. Due to its slightly porous surface, it undergoes the process of impregnation before use. The impregnating agent effectively protects the top from alcohol, juice, drink, cosmetic, or oil stains.

    • High resistance to chemicals
    • Completely resistant to water
    • Easy to clean – impenetrable to dirt or bacteria
    • Practically no wear-and-tear, highly resistant to impact
    • Inflammable
  • conglomerate tops
    Due to its unique qualities and appearance, quartz conglomerate is gaining popularity in the production of both kitchen and bathroom tops. It offers many advantages over traditional tops and combines natural materials and innovative technology. As an interesting alternative to granite, it also boasts excellent durability and stain resistance.

    Conglomerate is composed of a mixture of quartz and additional substances which allows for the creation a very unique look. Conglomerate tops offer immense depth of color, intense sheen, and exceptionally wide range of colors.