INVENTE Kitchen furniture

INVENTE is a team of people who produce kitchen furniture with passion and caring for the quality and functionality of their products. INVENTE is also a mixture of 20 year-experience with the latest CAD and CNC technology. Our custom-made furnishings comply with the highest quality standards.

We specialize in producing kitchen furniture. However, we also manufacture additional furniture pieces for our clients, which allows for the continuity of both pattern and color in the whole house. We produce furniture for public utility buildings as well – furniture needed for an office, a restaurant, a pharmacy, a hotel, a dental office, or an optic salon.



The initial pricing is based on the measurements of the rooms which have been sent to us. To do it, you can use the initial pricing tab on our website. You can also ask for the estimated price directly by e-mail: invente(at)invente(dot)pl.

We always prepare the offer in two price versions: Basic and Premium. The offer which includes the prices of the household appliances is prepared later, after the completion of the visualization. Due to significant differences in the prices of household appliances, we always choose the equipment that will best suit your needs and the style of the kitchen.

See pricing of sample kitchens


After you accept the initial price offer, we prepare the digital visualization of the way your new furniture will look like. This step requires an advance payment of 760 PLN. The waiting period for the visualization is between 7-21 days.

The sum of 760 PLN also entitles you to one additional visualization – one that will include your remarks and any possible changes. All the other additional visualizations will require 50-100 PLN each, depending on the range and the amount of the required changes to the project.

The drawings which suggest the best ways of water & gas piping and electricity connection require another advance payment of 200 PLN.


A detailed contract of purchase guarantees the quality of our service and the safety of usage. It requires the advance payment of 50% of the price of the final product.


Depending on the selected materials and the amount of workload, the completion time may vary between 8 to 20 weeks.

It is possible to make a reservation in substantial advance for your own convenience. It requires 2000 PLN advance payment and allows us to prepare the necessary paperwork or room measurement.

THE PIPING (plumbing, gas, electricity, vents)

After the acceptance of the initial project, we suggest the best viable way to connect them to your fitted furniture.


The measuring process involves a high-quality scanner work and requires a completely empty room, with the walls and the floors in their final form.

It is possible to make the measurement appointment before your final renovation or building completion stage but it involves 480 PLN payment.

Any measurement further than 50 km from Żory will be calculated individually.


Our experienced workers will assemble your furniture with quality in mind. The complete process usually takes between 3 to 5 days, depending on the size of the project.

The price includes the protection of the floors during the assembly, siliconing of the tabletops, acrylic finishing of the outermost elements which touch the walls, utility visors allowing for the convenient access to plumbing, gas piping etc., and the collection of any post-assembly materials, packaging, or refuse.

The assembly process finishes with the signing of the acceptance protocol by the client.

The final painting of the kitchen walls should take place after the furniture assembly.


Depending on the chosen furniture, it is possible to get a 3-year guarantee. The Blum fittings have a lifetime guarantee. You can contact us for further details.